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I’m back—or something.

November 14, 2010

Hello from beyond the grave!

Just kidding. I’m not really dead — in fact, I’ve been very much alive. Those of you who’ve been following my Twitter and Tumblr know very well that I’ve maintained my online presence. Some may rejoice over my return to WordPress, others may shake their heads. That said, I’m finished neglecting my blogging duties. You people (yes, you people) deserve to know what I think about pop culture, film, music, the media, and farts, and I fully intend to deliver.

Since my epic — and epically dated — Chatroulette post, I’ve relocated, enrolled in grad school, read more cultural theory than I can remember, and acquired a new kitten and a taste for delicious, delicious whiskey.

Stay tuned for my next, more substantive post about the postmodern wonder that is The Venture Bros.

Until then, I leave you with the genius of Chris Morris, director of Four Lions:


Free Fallin’: What a tweest!

December 15, 2009

Was the fall finale of  White Collar directed by M. Night Shyamalan? Well, you sure could have fooled me.

If you haven’t seen any episodes of White Collar I suggest you don’t read this. I don’t explain much backstory and it’s not my job to hold your hand.

Major SPOILERS after the jump.


…for my mom.

December 9, 2009

Here’s a pretty funny blooper reel from season 5 of Lost.
I wouldn’t say it contains spoilers, but if you care that much, don’t watch it.

the best marketing ever.

December 1, 2009

Louis CK is easily one of the most underrated contemporary comedians, with stand-up so good that we can forgive him for making Pootie Tang. He’s got a new show coming to FX in March with some very NSFW press to go along with it. I hope this one’s a lot better than Lucky Louie.

Enjoy (with headphones)!

Who needs family when you have streaming television?

November 30, 2009

Did everyone have a decent Thanksgiving weekend? I was lucky enough to venture out on Black Friday in search of new sneakers. On Sunday, I finally got some. I managed to find some shoes that are good for my feet and don’t make me look like a douche. I should probably send Michael Ian Black an email. That, somehow, was the most eventful part of my weekend. With everyone out of town and not much else to do,I hopped on the internet train and watched me some streaming TV. Spending countless hours in my bed, spooning with my lethargic cat, I bathed in the glow of contemporary television and not much else.


A new adventure—of healing.

November 24, 2009

This week’s The Venture Bros. drops us knee-deep into an adrenaline-pumped thrill ride as we pick up the episode in the middle of an ever-satisfying chase scene. In true Venture form, this has nothing to do with the episode.

Read about it after the jump!


what is sexy anymore?

November 18, 2009

Johnny Depp was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” Again.

Come on, People! Go out on a limb. There are different levels of attractiveness and People always errs on the side of caution. I’m putting in my vote for Geoffrey Arend. You know you’ve seen him in (500) Days of SummerSuper Troopers, Porn and Chicken, Bubble Boy, Undeclared, Greek, and plenty of other things I’m sure you’ve forgotten. He’s not a traditionally good looking man, but he can do funny voices! Also, the fact that he’s married to Christina Hendricks (Joan from the Mad Men) should make every self-loathingrespecting man want to be this dude.

Oh, look! It’s 3 o’clock. Time for my daily cry.


The recession is an asshole.

November 17, 2009

Finally. Months after continuous viewing of season two, Metalocalypse returned to Adult Swim for another season of unadulterated brutality. I inadvertently watched episode 2, “Tributeklok,” before the premiere, which did me no good. Under the impression that “Tributeklok” was the season premiere, I was left disappointed in the direction of the series, feeling that it was a weak return that made no effort to address the cliffhanger ending of season two or the story arc that spans the series. I was wrong.

Bear in mind that this is my first recap, and it’s very long.

(spoilers and screengrabs after the jump).



November 3, 2009

When I heard that NBC was cancelling the cop drama, SouthLAnd, I felt like I was mourning the loss of a puppy. This series hadn’t even had the chance to grow, flourish, and bring me my slippers and newspaper before he ran into the street and was run over by a speeding 1955 Hagerman Jaguar—driven by none other than Jay “the only awesome thing I’ve ever done is an action movie with Pat Morita” Leno. Fortunately, TNT has stepped in to save the day and will nurse this puppy (SouthLAnd) back to health. (more…)