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FUN FUN FUN Fest 2011. Heroes and Villain.

November 8, 2011

Ted Leo: true professional.

“I guess they’ve never heard of a thing called a riot before,” the unholy master, Glenn Danzig, belted out after the prompt enforcement of a city noise curfew, hoping to incite a riot at Austin’s one festival that lives up to its name, Fun Fun Fun Fest. Thankfully, the fans, who waited nearly an hour for Danzig to take the stage well after his 8:15 start time, saw through the Danzig’s malintent and did nothing more than toss beer cans. Whether the $9 cans of Tecate were meant for Danzig or the festival was unclear. This could have set the tone for a festival tinged with the disappointment of Misfits fans, but ended happily and safely. Danzig’s selfish and, hopefully, retirement-inducing meltdown on opening night helped me find heroes throughout the festival.



Nuclear holocaust.

October 3, 2009

Did I say holocaust? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean the Holocaust.

It’s just that i’m so excited about Nuclear Power Pants—my brilliant buddies from the East Coast. They just kicked off their tour with Dan “fuckin'” Deacon. Do not miss this, wherever you are.


Enjoy this video. I do.

Tempo No Tempo, French Miami, & Boyz IV Men at Amnesia, 10/1/2009

October 2, 2009

It has been a policy of mine to never review friends’ shows ever since I started watching live music with a critical eye. Today, I will break that rule to tell the world about what a great time I had watching French Miami and Tempo No Tempo at Amnesia.


want to learn a new word?

September 4, 2009

my homeboys, battlehooch, were just featured in a little write-up on sfgate. these guys are going to be playing friday night at the uptown in support of their new self-released record, Piecechow — for FREE. w/ wallpaper, somehow at sea, & suicidal barfly. 9PM. 1928 Telegraph Ave. oakland, ca. did i mention free?

what does piecechow mean?
find out by reading the entire article after the jump….


Deerhoof, Abe Vigoda, Zach Hill, & Death Sentence: Panda! Great American Music Hall. 8/2/09.

August 4, 2009
deerhoof by mike keegan

deerhoof by mike keegan

It was just another night at the Great American Music Hall, but not just any ordinary bill: Deerhoof shared the stage with Abe Vigoda (L.A.), Zach Hill (Sacramento) and Death Sentence: Panda! (S.F.). (more…)