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I’m back—or something.

November 14, 2010

Hello from beyond the grave!

Just kidding. I’m not really dead — in fact, I’ve been very much alive. Those of you who’ve been following my Twitter and Tumblr know very well that I’ve maintained my online presence. Some may rejoice over my return to WordPress, others may shake their heads. That said, I’m finished neglecting my blogging duties. You people (yes, you people) deserve to know what I think about pop culture, film, music, the media, and farts, and I fully intend to deliver.

Since my epic — and epically dated — Chatroulette post, I’ve relocated, enrolled in grad school, read more cultural theory than I can remember, and acquired a new kitten and a taste for delicious, delicious whiskey.

Stay tuned for my next, more substantive post about the postmodern wonder that is The Venture Bros.

Until then, I leave you with the genius of Chris Morris, director of Four Lions:


Who needs family when you have streaming television?

November 30, 2009

Did everyone have a decent Thanksgiving weekend? I was lucky enough to venture out on Black Friday in search of new sneakers. On Sunday, I finally got some. I managed to find some shoes that are good for my feet and don’t make me look like a douche. I should probably send Michael Ian Black an email. That, somehow, was the most eventful part of my weekend. With everyone out of town and not much else to do,I hopped on the internet train and watched me some streaming TV. Spending countless hours in my bed, spooning with my lethargic cat, I bathed in the glow of contemporary television and not much else.


print versions of felix incognito will soon be available.

September 5, 2009

hi. i’m felix and i’m a recovering internet addict.

there was a point in my life when i was jobless and spent morning, afternoon, and night on the internet. i’d say that i averaged about 14 hours a day. often times i’d stare at the screen hitting refresh just in case i got a new email or a new facebook comment or maybe my band would receive that one myspace email that would make us. i didn’t recognize it was a problem until my computer fried and i was suddenly disconnected. it took me a few months to deal with this, sneaking a few minutes of webtime on a roommate’s computer or staying after work for an hour to check my email and chat on facebook, though, in my defense, i was researching grad schools. these behaviors helped me ration my time spent staring at the screen and participate in my physical life instead of my fabricated reality. now that i’m a proud computer owner again, i’ve been trying to make my internet usage work for me, not against me as it was before. i’ve established rules to my usage, for example, i’m not allowed to be on the internet if i’m also watching tv. i’m also reading more books and watching movies that test my attention span. 2001: a space odyssey anyone? the biggest change i noticed almost immediately was that i was no longer as restless. i don’t need the immediacy that the internet can sometimes offer anymore. if i don’t get a reply to an email instantaneously, or at least within an hour, everything will be okay. i have this book to read and this show to catch.

what worries me is that almost everybody is becoming, or is already, addicted to the web. people’s attention spans are completely dilapidated, some of them even unable to read a message that’s longer than 140 characters. The task of visiting your facebook page to click a single link is too strenuous. life doesn’t extend beyond the homepage.

i was happy to find out that a clinic for internet addicts just opened up in seattle. for only $14,000, you can overcome your web addiction and get on with your life. but for us real people, maybe we should just disconnect the wireless router for a day or two.

i think i’ll go outside now.

i used to tumble, but this is much better.

August 5, 2009

felix incognito @ tumblr was limited. i decided to go long form.

as you can see, i love cats.

as you can see, i love cats