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The Cat Piano.

February 2, 2010

…and to think, this wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Short by the Academy. The Cat Piano is the latest work from The People’s Republic of Animation. When I first saw it this morning, the beginning had this really hip jazz cat feel, but then I suddenly felt like I was watching some freaky Edgar Allan Poe/Dr. Seuss amalgam. Hat’s off to Nick Cave for his kick ass narration.



Who needs family when you have streaming television?

November 30, 2009

Did everyone have a decent Thanksgiving weekend? I was lucky enough to venture out on Black Friday in search of new sneakers. On Sunday, I finally got some. I managed to find some shoes that are good for my feet and don’t make me look like a douche. I should probably send Michael Ian Black an email. That, somehow, was the most eventful part of my weekend. With everyone out of town and not much else to do,I hopped on the internet train and watched me some streaming TV. Spending countless hours in my bed, spooning with my lethargic cat, I bathed in the glow of contemporary television and not much else.


one more reason to move to texas.

November 18, 2009

Just as I declared otters to be the new cats, I saw this:

Okay, kitties. You win!


October 3, 2009

This vlog blog should get the award for best vlog blog in the universe—if such an award existed. Check out SF Secrets and you’ll see what i mean. I’m going to make my way down to Tyson Glass today and get my cat fix with Little Bitz.

you knew this was going to happen.

September 16, 2009

going viral, the cat under the faucet tells us what he thinks about the incident at the VMAs involving a certain gay fish.

boldly going where no cat has gone before…

September 15, 2009

I want to be the first to call it, partly because I know this will be on/is already on every blog worth reading. The new interweb cat sensation is Cat Putting Head Under Faucet. I didn’t think we’d ever get something to replace the keyboard cat. Still, Winston easily takes the cake.

I expect to see remixes, Internet!

cats cats cats cats cats cats.

September 11, 2009

i indulge in cats. that boycott could not have ended sooner.

i made this shitty video in celebration.

save cooper.
never forget.