this short film owns.

Since every blog is giving unnecessary press to the imminent release of the latest too-literal-to-be-a-parody parody of every movie Judd Apatow produced and directed, I thought I’d show you this gem of a zombie short I found earlier this week. I Love Sarah Jane is a gloomy short from Australia, directed by Spencer Susser, who has mostly done commercials and music videos. Susser has a new feature, called Hesher, coming out in 2010 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt that I’m pretty stoked about, and that’s only because of how amazing this short is—well, and because the film includes a pill-popping Rainn Wilson.

For a short, I Love Sarah Jane is unlike any other zombie movie I’ve seen, combining the atmosphere of 28 Days Later with Lord of the Flies and some Little Miss Sunshine (only the depressing parts) for good measure. I love the subtlety of this film, leaving it to the viewer to imagine the zombie horror these abandoned children have had to witness. The protagonist, Jimbo, maintains some semblance of a normal teenager/pre-teen in how he can still pine over Sarah, not having completely lost his innocence.

Take ten minutes and enjoy this short.


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