This seems, um, wrong.

Well, this is certainly one way for Roguester Sarah Palin to put her name on the Iraqi Freedom brand—literally. Doesn’t seeing this make you feel a little dirty? Suddenly, staring at her airbrushed gams on the cover of Newsweek doesn’t seem like it’s such a bad thing.

I’m sure if our malevolent fascist dictator, President Obama, autographed currency with the face of a dead despot, he’d be seen as pledging his eternal allegiance to National Socialism (no, it doesn’t need to be cited properly), and he’d be single-handedly responsible for the collapse of the dollar. I mean, he’s already done all of this, right? An autographed Mao-dollar would just be the tangible proof.

Don’t get me wrong. The left is just as guilty of attacking the right in this way. I’m just saying that the only thing Sarah Palin is guilty of is tackiness; but that’s not news, is it?



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