It’s impossible to hate Owen Wilson.

marmadukeIf you didn’t already know, they’re making a Marmaduke movie in the style of those inspiring Garfield movies with Breckin Meyer and Bill Murray. Owen Wilson recently signed to voice the ‘Duke. Here’s my problem: Marmaduke doesn’t talk. He has never uttered a word; instead, Marmaduke just shits all over his owner with hilarious results. What an asshole. This predictably ill-fated movie probably won’t put a dent in Wilson’s career. He’ll keep doing movies like this and You, Me, and Dupree to pay the bills, but then he’ll help pen and star in another Wes Anderson flick and his indie cred will be fully restored. I just hope he can stay sane long enough.

While we’re adapting single panel comics, what would a Get Fuzzy film look like? Would Bucky and Satchel be  the CG pets of, say, Tobey Maguire or would it be done in the style of A Garfield Christmas Special (all animation)?  I hope for the latter; but don’t interpret this as an endorsement of the idea of a feature length Get Fuzzy…. It’s not.


One Response to “It’s impossible to hate Owen Wilson.”

  1. suzanna Says:

    had to.

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