When I heard that NBC was cancelling the cop drama, SouthLAnd, I felt like I was mourning the loss of a puppy. This series hadn’t even had the chance to grow, flourish, and bring me my slippers and newspaper before he ran into the street and was run over by a speeding 1955 Hagerman Jaguar—driven by none other than Jay “the only awesome thing I’ve ever done is an action movie with Pat Morita” Leno. Fortunately, TNT has stepped in to save the day and will nurse this puppy (SouthLAnd) back to health.

The Tonight Show Redux, or whatever the hell that piece of shit excuse for comedy (NONedy?) is called, hogged all of the 10pm slots during the week, leaving no room for the prime-time dramas that NBC was once known for, only leaving the dreaded Friday and Saturday time slots. NBC execs claimed that SouthLAnd was too dark for the 9pm slot and cancelled the show just two weeks before its highly anticipated premiere.

While six new episodes are already completed, TNT will be airing the original seven episodes first to gauge how this series will be received. I predict that SouthLAnd will be the stand out show on the network, especially when pit against lesser quality shows like Leverage and The Closer. SouthLAnd’s strengths can be found in the strong character development and even stronger performances by the likes of Ben McKenzie, Shaun Hatosy, and Michael Cudlitz, who plays an officer with one or two secret addictions (penis and, quite possibly, painkillers). SouthLAnd may also advance TNT a few notches, encouraging them to produce smarter television in hopes of being within arm’s reach of AMC and FX. As of right now, TNT’s got nothing nearly as brilliant as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Damages, Sons of Anarchy, or even Rescue Me, even though i haven’t liked Dennis Leary since The Ref or Operation: Dumbo Drop.

This may mark the end of the network drama. Cable keeps producing absolutely amazing shows without worrying whether or not the audience can handle the subject matter. This is a good thing. Networks like NBC, on the other hand, choose to treat the mass audience like children, guarding them from the harsh realism that shows like SouthLAnd display. With the exception of any JJ Abrams production, network television has got nothing worth giving a second glance. Even the Law & Order is tired and cranky.

Network television needs Sipowicz, and they need him bad.


2 Responses to “Drama-rama.”

  1. Tyler Says:

    I completely agree. I’ve never seen SouthLAnd but I will have to check it out.

    But you forgot Joss Whedon. Dollhouse is the OTHER good network show…

  2. felixincognito Says:

    dollhouse is trash, but i understand it has a devoted following.

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