Where the Wild Things are Offing Themselves.

monstersuicideIt feels like we’ve waited our entire lives for this movie; not that we ever expected this adaptation to happen.

After sitting through Where the Wild Things Are opening night, I realized that some things are better left untouched. In the words of Cogsworth, “If it’s not ba-roke, don’t fix it!” To be perfectly honest, Spike Jonze did an excellent job on this film. The production was fantastic. The big swing and  miss was the atmosphere of the story. Jonze and David Eggers didn’t quite pull it off, in my opinion. The scenes with dialogue felt labored and I was restless throughout the entire ordeal.

Some of the monsters were lovable, like Alexander, voiced by Paul Dano. What I didn’t get was why the rest of them were basically angsty 16 year olds. Yeah, yeah, I understand that they were each supposed to be a different part of Max’s personality, but Carol, voiced by James Gandolfini, played like he was going through meth withdrawal.

As for Max, well, he was just a moody little brat. Sure, I felt sorry for him when his sister’s friends wrecked his igloo, but he was not making life easier for his mother, played by Catherine Keener. Max was just a crazy brat who couldn’t make friends because he probably hit them and put boogers in their hair. Believe me, it was hard to make friends that way. Where the Wild Things Are didn’t speak to the bright-eyed, hopeful inner-child that I was expecting it to; instead, it brought out the emotions of a child who was constantly yelled at and taken to the therapist for looking at a Cindy Crawford calendar when he was ten. Maybe that was the point of the movie, but I didn’t like it. Jonze and Eggers created an atmosphere of disenchanted gloom and if you didn’t come out of that movie feeling a little more suicidal than the first (and last) time you saw Requiem for a Dream, then you are a stronger person than I.

Go see this movie. Reach your own conclusions. This is just a warning that it may be a huge, suicidal disappointment. Oh yeah, and they completely misused Mark Ruffalo, which is possibly the greatest injustice any filmmaker can commit.


2 Responses to “Where the Wild Things are Offing Themselves.”

  1. coop-diggy Says:

    Just saw it–I agree with your review. NOT what I was expecting.

    COME BACK TO FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • felixincognito Says:

      you are right in agreeing with me.

      i’ll be back on facebook once i’m rejected from grad school. yowza.

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