slaying slayer standards.

one thing i hold against Pop’s, a pretty cool bar at 24th and york, is that, while their jukebox is pretty killer, Slayer’s “raining blood” begins in the wrong spot. i don’t know if this is standard at most dirty, punkish, thrash bars, but the song starts somewhere in the middle. you know, the part with all of the ambient feedback and sick thunderclaps that lead into the quintessential metal riff that we all know and love. in my copy of Reign in Blood, the song, which is the last track, has this whole first half that really makes you appreciate the build up to the riff. i searched youtube and could not find the real version of “raining blood” for the life of me. they all begin in the middle, even the posted album versions. this would mean that either the first minute is edited out or i have a defective/better copy of the album. finally, i stumbled upon this gem. live “postmortem” with a full version of “raining blood” — watch for actual raining blood. i love how literal metalheads can be. “raining blood” starts at 3:19. it’s brutal.


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