when comfort food isn’t very comforting.

railhead, i miss you.

you know, san francisco doesn’t have any good barbecue places. this is true. memphis minnie’s tastes okay, but it’s extremely yuppified. who eats barbecue on a french roll? yuppies. it’s all about wonder bread — i think this may be exclusive to texas. drugs barbecue (baby blue’s) is awful. they managed to fuck up the pulled pork, corn bread, beans, AND the sweet tea. i still don’t understand why these places are always packed tight. it only leads me to believe that san francisco foodies’ taste buds are influenced by the amount of dollar signs on yelp. perhaps i’m wrong. that doesn’t change the fact that there are no good barbecue places in san francisco proper. i miss texas.


6 Responses to “when comfort food isn’t very comforting.”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Yeah, I hate the Drugs BBQ too! Every day I walk by there being like, “WTF are all the people DOING in there? It’s not good food, it’s terrible service, and it’s always packed anyway so even if you DID want shitty BBQ with bland-ass sides and a snarky, indifferent hipster waiter you’re going to have to wait a long time for it! Ridiculous!

  2. Kira Says:

    It’s all about Korean BBQ. Because there are no Texans in California. If there were, there would be more bar fights. Guaranteed.

  3. felixincognito Says:

    i will agree that the korean bbq is f’n amazing. there used to be this kick ass truck, seoul on wheels, that made the best curry. unfortunately, it’s long gone. i should also add that roadside bbq in the inner richmond is the closest thing to good in san francsico. my main complaint is that the sandwiches are served on ciabatta buns. wonder bread wonder bread! fuck. also, the corn muffins are the size of those mini cupcakes you find at whole foods.

  4. Nancy Says:

    Well, you didn’t get any good barbeque in WMass either. You’ll just have to learn to make it yourself.

    I wondered where you were! SF, huh – what took you there? Doing any of that music I like?

  5. algorithmruss Says:

    Hey Felix, if you’re in the east bay (Berkeley in particular) check out KC’s BBQ on San Pablo just north of Ashby. They have been my fav in the entire bay area since I moved here from the central valley in the mid 90’s.

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