keeping cool with noise while getting the ladies with funky grooves.

I went to see Sonic Youth at the Independent this week with one of my best friends/musical confidants, Archaeology Johnson. Needless to say, Sonic Youth was stellar. I hadn’t seen them since I was in college, and back then i hadn’t even really heard their stuff. I know. I know. “How can you be a teenager in the 90’s without having heard Sonic Youth?” you ask. Well, I lived in Fort Worth and I loved Pantera. This is beside the point. After the show, AJ and I were talking about funk and figuring out if there was a way to harness the powers of a Sonic Youth set and keep it funky. It seemed impossible at the time, but the answer was under my nose.  My buddy and bandmate, Kevin, has been telling me about this amazing Japanese band, Number Girl, for at least six months. This music has everything: funky grooves, Jazzmasters, and a cute girl. Number Girl keeps the balance between the aforementioned funky grooves, ultra-sonic dissonant noise, and, to top it off, they are fucking heavy! I know I’m about seven years late on this, but I’ve just made some room in my heart for Number Girl.


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